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Mars Surface Rover Game - Leadership

Game Kit

Price: $578.00


Mars Surface Rover Game - Leadership - Game Pack

Add an additional team to your training event with an Extra Game Pack

Price: $156.50


Mars Surface Rover Game - Leadership - Participant Guide

1 Print Participant Guide

Price: $7.50


Mars Surface Rover Game - Leadership - Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide

Price: $49.00



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Mars Surface Rover Game - Leadership

Illustrate the concept of facilitative leadership and its benefits - a team atmosphere of trust, respect, open communication, and productivity. With the Leadership Version, three teams are assigned the task of building a prototype astronaut vehicle. Using private instructions, team leaders guide their teams passively, traditionally, or facilitatively. When teams race their vehicles at the end of the game, the rover built by the team with the facilitative leader usually wins!


Learning Outcomes:


Experience the concept and benefits of facilitative leadership, learn how a facilitative leadership style generates a team atmosphere, discover the drawbacks of traditional (autocratic) or passive (uninvolved) styles of leadership, and recognize the balance between too much and too little authority


What to Order/Product Contents:


Each Complete Game includes materials to simultaneously train 3 teams of 5 participants. All parts except for the Participant Guides are reusable. Participant Guide Refill 5-Packs and Extra Game Packs are also available for individual purchase.


Complete Leadership Game includes:

  • 3 Bags of reusable parts (batteries included)
  • 3 Stopwatches
  • 15 Participant Guides
  • 3 Calculators
  • 1 Tablet of 30 price sheets
  • 3 Sets of 3 reusable leader roles
  • 9 "Confidential" envelopes
  • 3 Sets of blueprints
  • 1 CD-ROM
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Convenient tote

Leadership Facilitator Guide features: (included in the Complete Team and Deluxe Games):

  • Administrative guidelines
  • Theoretical background
  • Facilitative Leadership Model
  • Leader Roles Summary
  • Description of facilitative leader skills
  • Suggested Facilitative Behaviors
  • Optional training designs
  • Normative information
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Debriefing questions
  • Reproducible participant handouts and transparency masters



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