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Problem Solved! Starter Kit

Includes: 5 Participant Guides and Facilitator Guide

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Problem Solved! Participant Guide

1 Print Participant Guide

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Problem Solved! Facilitator Guide

1 Print Participant Guide

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Problem Solved!

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It’s the small, everyday problems - the ones that need quick but effective solutions - that really take a chunk out of your day. So how do you solve these problems and still leave time for the more complex issues at hand?

Problem Solved! utilizes a 25-item assessment to provide participants with an easy-to-use, 5-step problem-solving process. By using this process, individuals can identify and monitor their skill level at each step.

Learning Outcomes


Problem Solved! is based on a process of 5 steps (The Problem Solved! Process). The instrument takes the perspective that a systematic method of problem solving followed and practiced on a regular basis yields rapid and efficient problem solving (Hesselberth, 1994). Drawing on the work of Sternberg (1986) and Klubnik & Greenwood (1994), the Problem Solved! Process is based on the most common and most sensible steps.

How It Works

With a recent problem in mind, participants respond to 25 behavior-related statements, indicating the extent to which they practiced the behavior. By scoring and charting results, they create a visual depiction of their comfort level with each of the 5 problem-solving steps. Participants learn about the 5-step Problem Solved! Process, discuss everyday problem solving, apply the Problem Solved! Process to a current problem, and make action plans.

Uses for Problem Solved!

Problem Solved! is best used with participants who require a quick problem-solving method. Other instruments (e.g., the Force Field Problem Solving Model) can be used for working with in-depth problems. Effective when used as a stand-alone tool as well as part of a larger program, the Problem Solved! is particularly helpful for individuals or groups who:

What to Order/Product Contents

Order one Facilitator Guide per trainer and one Participant Guide per participant.

Facilitator Guide includes:

   Participant Guide includes:


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