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Coaching Achievement - Facilitator Kit

Includes: Facilitator Guide, 1 Participant Guide, PowerPoint CD-Rom, reusable Facilitator Support Materials for up to 3 teams of 4-7 participants.

Price: $565.00


Coaching Achievement - Facilitator Support Materials

Includes reusable activity materials for up to 3 teams of 4-7 participants. Participant Guides are sold separately.

Price: $295.00 (per additional team)


Coaching Achievement - Participant Guide

Includes: assessments, scoring forms, reflection questions, action planning and worksheets.

Price: $86.00 per person


Coaching Achievement - QuickStart Training

Three 2-hour coaching sessions Price: $1875.00



*Prices are in Cdn Dollars
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Coaching Achievement

In-House TrainingOff the shelf training materials


In today’s competitive environment, organizations cannot afford to lose talented employees. But individuals who are not properly coached can become under utilized, error prone, and unable to meet their goals. That’s why it’s critical for managers and leaders to coach for achievement every day.

CoachingAchievement helps managers and leaders to become effective on-the-job coaches. This one-day program enhances their skills at developing and maintaining effective coaching relationships in order to improve the performance and growth of others. Participants first assess their performance in 5 key coaching skills and then learn how to apply these skills to a unique 3-step coaching process. Best of all, coaches practice their skills using 3 actual coaching challenges, so they leave with the ability and confidence to put their knowledge into immediate action!

Learning Outcomes

CoachingAchievement provides all the tools you need to deliver a training session that gets results. The program is ready-to-train with comprehensive materials, including Participant Guides, Facilitator Guide, and reusable support materials. As with every HRDQ Program, you get just the right mix of interactive tools, helping participants learn compelling concepts, reflect on relevant experiences, and practice new skills.

Program Agenda and Learning Goals  

CoachingAchievement gives managers and leaders with coaching responsibilities the opportunity to develop the skills they need to be more effective. Participants take part in a lively hands-on game that demonstrates the benefits of using an effective coaching style, measure their current coaching skill level with an insightful assessment, as well as practice and prepare to deal with their most challenging coaching situations the next day!



What to Order

To get started, order one Facilitator Kit per trainer and one Participant Guide per participant. Each kit contains a comprehensive Facilitator Guide, plus enough reusable facilitator support materials to train up to 25 participants at one time. Participant Guides are sold separately. For larger groups, order additional Participant Guides and facilitator support materials.

Product Contents

Facilitator Kit includes:

Facilitator Guide includes:

Participant Guide includes:

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These programs come ready-to-deliver and include a Facilitator's Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint presentation or register for an in-house session.

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