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Team Conflict Strategies - Starter Kit

Includes: 5 Participant Guides and Facilitator Guide

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Team Conflict Strategies - Participant Guide

1 Print Participant Guide

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Team Conflict Strategies - Facilitator Guide

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Team Conflict Strategies Inventory

In-House TrainingOff the shelf training materials


Don't let unresolved issues drain the productivity from your teams! Team Conflict Strategies Inventory (TCSI) provides an ideal opportunity for teams to work through issues and learn how to handle future conflicts more productively.

Teams have preferred ways of handling conflict. Some teams avoid conflict at all costs, while others find that the battle gives them energy and motivation. Start your teams on a discussion of how they choose to handle conflict - and what impact their behavior is having on the success of their team - with the Team Conflict Strategies Inventory (TCSI).

The TCSI presents teams with 5 typical conflict scenarios. Administered in two phases, team members are first asked to predict individually how their team would handle each situation by ranking strategy alternatives. Then, the team as a whole comes together to try to reach consensus on the items. This approach allows individual team members to share their perceptions and come to conclusions about common strategies employed by the team.

Learning Outcomes

The Participant Booklet includes pressure-sensitive scoring, descriptions of the five team conflict strategies, interpretation, and action planning. In addition to administrative guidelines and theoretical background, the detailed Facilitator Guide features a sample training design, a training activity with reproducible participant handouts, and overhead transparencies.


This program comes ready-to-deliver and includes a Facilitator's Guide, Participant Guide and PowerPoint presentation or register for an in-house session.


The Reproducible Training Library comes in half-day to multi-day formats. Select the individual titles you need, choose from pre-selected topic series, or purchase the entire collection to own the ultimate training library. Each program comes ready to train with printable Participant Guides, an easy-to-use Facilitator Guide, and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Most programs include additional content such as quick reference cards. That's not all - they're fully customizable, so you can add your company brand, tailor the content to your specific industry or organizational needs, and print on demand.


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